MIST Technology - Simple Server Monitoring

Server performance monitoring with some FUNK!

We like good looking dashboards! - That's why we created MIST - To do the opposite from clouding your vision, instead offering clarity over your resources, 24/7.

We think our server monitoring has the easiest set up in the world. If you're a small business, you'll appreciate the ease of use.

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See your server performance issues before your clients do with instant resource monitoring.

Portable dashboard running on any device or TV with a browser.

Take some comfort knowing if there are any issues, you will be alerted within seconds.

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    Install the server client

    Install a simple client which runs as a service. No configuration required, it just works!. 

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    Let us know your IP

    Share with us your source IP addresses and the magic will happen. If you have multiple sites, we can merge them into one dashboard.

Mist Server Monitoring
Monitor live performance

Need to see the status of all of your servers, all in the same place? MIST.Monitor gives you a beautiful dashboard showing your CPU, hard disk capacity, memory usage and reachability all in one place. Service monitoring and other great features will be coming very soon.

Great for On-Prem or Cloud Servers

Physical, Virtual and Cloud servers are all supported. Simply install the MIST.Monitor service and follow the super easy configuration options in the dashboard.

If you need support, we will be there to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.

Simple to configure VMWare Server Monitoring
Simple Configuration

MIST.Monitor has been made as simple to set up as possible. As technologists ourselves, we have spent hundreds of man hours configuring dozens of server monitoring tools in out past roles. We know how time consuming it can be and we'd like to save our customers that time and effort. If you have access to install the software on a server, you have everything you need to get up and running.

Lovely interface

The MIST dashboard and interface has been designed to make monitoring your servers simple, clean and easy to stop issues on your network. With a dashboard which you can load up on your main screen's & digital signage it wont be long before your fixing performance or server issues before your clients even notice a problem.

Server Hard Disk Monitoring CPU Memory
Server disk monitoring

We all have servers which have a large amount of mappings, mountings and shared drives. With MIST Monitor you only choose what you want to monitor, if you only want to monitoring your Core and Data disks then only enable monitoring on these.

We love clouds!

Yes thats right! - your Dashboard is entirely cloud based, you do not need to install any software on your technicians machines, simply log into your dashboard and you're away! - Access data and statistics about your network from anywhere in the world, even if your on the beach! Although you may want a waterproof laptop with you.

Project established in Dec 2014 with 2 founding members

MIST was founded by Steve Church way back in 2013. From there the idea was born. We worked in IT and at the time there was nothing out there which offered what we wanted. 

We are near! - 2015

By mid way through 2015 and a great deal of testing we had a viable product! - A product which provided simple server performance monitoring to display on our TV's around the office. 

New Features & Products - Late 2015

Still not quite live yet we started adding some new features such as MIST Feedback & Remote offering quick fire questionnaires to users as well as simple remote support with access logs.

The brakes are on! - early 2016

Unfortunately due to personal matters Mist was put on hold - So close to the finishing line but without funding to get that last 1% done. :-(

All steam ahead! Choo Choo - 2018

Out of the blue and with a stale website we received contact from our first client. We dug out all the source code and fired up the engines. MIST is back alive, now with funding to keep the service going watch this space! 

EPIC Dashboard

Yes that right, we said EPIC! - We offer a very simple, clean and intuitive dashboard for monitoring all of your MIST services. That's a one stop shop for all of your Questions & Feedback, Remote Support, Server Monitoring and more..


Like a Jigsaw!

MIST Modules all slot together in perfect harmony, don't pay for what you don't need.


Compatible with everything!

Now that's a claim right? - mist.Technology software is compatible with Mac OSX, Windows & Linux! - And our dashboard is compatible even with, wait for it... Internet Explorer!